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Activation Phrases

"Alexa, arm abode in away mode."
"Alexa, turn on living room lights."
"Alexa, lock the front door."


Welcome to abode – the first professional-grade, self-installable smart home security solution with no contracts.

New! You can now use your Echo or Alexa enabled device to interact with your abode home security system. Using the abode Smart Home skill, you can:
Arm and disarm your abode home
Ask Alexa if your abode home is currently armed.
Have Alexa say “Door is open” when a door is open using Alexa Routines.
Have Alexa say “Motion detected” when an abode motion sensor detects motion.

With the abode Smart Home skill, you can interact with your abode home security system and abode-connected devices by voice. You can arm and disarm your home as well as interact with devices including locks, lights, dimmers, switches, and plugs. To get started, select the “Enable” button on this screen to link your abode account and discover your devices.

Here is a list of commands to use with Alexa and abode to control your abode home:

abode Security System

Alexa, arm abode in away mode.
Alexa, arm abode in home mode.
Alexa, arm abode. (This will arm abode to home mode)
Alexa, is abode armed?
Alexa, disarm abode.

Note: Disarming your abode home using Alexa voice commands requires “Disarm by voice” to be enabled. To enable, open the Alexa mobile app, select “abode” under your smart home devices, and enable the “Disarm by voice” setting.

Door / Window Sensors

Alexa, is the front door open?
Alexa, is the living room window open?


Alexa, lock the front door.
Alexa, unlock the front door.
Alexa, is the front door locked?


Alexa, turn on my light.
Alexa, turn off my light.
Alexa, brighten my light.
Alexa, dim my light.
Alexa, change my light to blue / pink / purple / orange / green / red / yellow.
Alexa, change my light to white.
Alexa, make my light cooler.
Alexa, make my light warmer.


Alexa, turn on my dimmer.
Alexa, turn off my dimmer.
Alexa, set my dimmer to 50%.
Alexa, dim my dimmer.
Alexa, brighten my dimmer.


Alexa, turn on my switch.
Alexa, turn off my switch.


Alexa, turn on my plug.
Alexa, turn off my plug.

When controlling devices using Alexa voice commands, you need to specify by name which device to use. There are two ways to control devices:
Use the device name you set up already. These are shown in the “Devices” section of the abode mobile app and the “Dashboard” section of the abode web app. You can change the name of a device using the abode web app (https://my.goabode.com).
Create an Alexa group, such as Bedroom or Downstairs, and add the device(s) or sensor(s) to the group. More information is available at http://amzn.to/2965dCE

In order to use Alexa and abode, you will need:
abode account with your username and password
abode Smart Security Kit or abode Iota Security Kit

Device names such as “Office Lamp” and “Bedroom Switch” are recommended over names such as “Off Lmp” or “John & Janes”.
Standalone abode motion sensors sold prior to 2019 are not supported. All onboard Iota motion sensors are supported.

If you have any questions, please visit our abode Smart Home skill page at https://support.goabode.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2809460-abode-smart-home-skill. You may also contact abode support at [email protected]


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