Can I find both Alexa Skills and Google Actions on VoiceApp.Store?

Yes, you can find all the Voice Apps (VApps) on voiceapp.store, including Amazon Skills, Google Assistant Actions, Microsoft Cortana skills (soon) and Siri Shortcuts (soon). It is easy to search, filter and enable the best Amazon Skill, Google Assistant Action or any voice app that you want, by using our power tools.

Can I claim my Amazon Skill & Google Assistant Action and customize them?

Yes, at VoiceApp.Store your brand can boast a unified page for all your voice apps: your Amazon Skill, your Google Assistant Action and your Cortana Skill. Easily find your voice apps on VoiceApp.Store and click the claim button to claim it. Then you will be able to customize the page to your brand image and messaging, unified across all tech platforms. Claiming is contingent on a review process.

Would you like to see anything else (feature, information, etc.) on voiceapp.store?

Please let us know! We are here for you and want to hear what you have to say! Do you want to see something else on the site? Are you missing any information about Amazon Skills or Google Assistant Actions to help you make your mind? Are you missing an Amazon Skill or Google Action? Contact us at : [email protected] and we will write you back!